1. I will see you at SPX! Table W82! I will have stickers, a new mini (this comic is in it) and a Great Warrior POSTER!


  2. hallo


  3. I had a really good day today.


  4. ha


    haaaaaa -o-


  5. Hello Great Warrior Fans!

    Hi everyone! I’ve got some cool things to share!

    I’m not that handy when it comes to making merch but i’ve added a link in the Shop section! You can buy fancy Great Warrior stuff from Print All Over Me!


    You can download the repeating pattern as a wallpaper if you want! I’m using it for my phone right now and it makes me feel super cooooool!


    Download it »HERE«

    Stay tuned for more!!!


  6. based on a real conversation i had ehehehehehe


  7. i want that


  8. Hello everyone! Long time no see! I’ve missed you!!!

    I am almost all settled in to my new apartment here in Sunny Los Angeles! I am still a few weeks away from getting a desk and computer set up at home, so i’ve been borrowing technology from friends!

    Work is super fun! Nickelodeon is the best! WEEEE!


  9. Gosh things have been so exciting this year!

    I am moving to Los Angeles this weekend to start working at Nickelodeon! 

    It hasn’t given me a lot of time to share all the goofy things that Great Warrior has been doing, but here she is! And I will continue to do my best to share her as much as i can!


  10. Help Us! Great Toilet….