1. In honor of Cyber Monday I give you one of many rejected Great Warrior strips.

    If you enjoy this then you will enjoy the whole book of non-rejected strips which you can purchase »HERE« and you will get free shipping if you enter the coupon code : FREESHIP

    have a nice day i love you.


  2. This….is so dumb….


  3. Books are so great!


  4. Winter Blues!

    It’s been tough going from perpetual sunny Florida to a dark Pacific NW Winter and it hit me hard! Winter Depression is no fun! 


  5. Where is Great Warrior?


  6. What do you look for in a man?


  7. Aw Yeah You Did It!!


  8. Weak spot


  9. Whatever works for you~



    For my birthday my friends and I ordered around $200 worth of pizza.